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Happy 2013!!!

cartel cmaera gopro grip handle hero 2 hero 3

 2013 is here and the all new re designed Pro Pistol (TM)  handle grip is selling like hot cakes.. Made of super tough Delrin (TM) the new Pro Pistol grip for GoPro Hero 2 and Hero 3 cameras is just what you need to capture the action in full control. New removable clip fits most standard tripod set ups so you can do more then ever with this new set up. Also available new Pro Coil (TM) wrist leash or Pro Tether (TM) keep your shots and camera safe from loss when the action get popping. Stop by and pick...

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Pro Pistol (TM) Gen-2

camera cartel handle

 All new and ready to ship from only Cartel On Line. New grip fits all camera female screw holes and removable slide clip mount fits all male tripod screws. Now you get all the control of a regular Pro Pistol but the added connivance of a removable clip mount that fits all tripod set ups. USA Made and tough as hell this MOFO is ready to to capture all the action you can stand in and out of the water with what ever camera system you have.

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Free BBR Magazine with every order..

BBR magazine bodyboard magazine bodyboarding magazine cartel

 All Cartel on line board orders will receive a free New Issue of BBR Magazine during January and February 2012 This all new bodyboarding magazine is one for your media collection you will not want to pass up. Get yours today!!!

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Stringer Crazy!!! 2012

bodyboards cartel stringers

For our new 2012 line up we have gone stringer crazy.... You can now get any Cartel model in single, double and yes even triple stringer options on any ride we make. Now you can chose your flex depending on the water temp in your area. Cold-Cool, we recommend single stringer. Cool-Warm,  we recommend double stringers. Warm-Hot, we recommend triple stringers.

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