H1 Old School model

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Only 40 will be made in 2018. That's it so order up and pick our you color and stamps from our bad ass board art. Just call or text message Paul Clare at 760-809-7431 or email to pick out your special options.


HOWZ it going you all? Cartel will release 3 limited authentic addition retro models this year. Full on retro and full on USA made and the 1st of the limited retro models will be the H1 made in Oceanside CA.


Kanoa Sharp from Hawaii and Nor Cal Cartel crew helped bring back this old shape from his days with the Hawaii crew. So out of respect to the Island brothas out there will only make 40 of these models for the 2018 out of full respect to those whole laid it down before us. We don't want to step on toes but we get so many request for this model we don't want to short our OG soldiers out there who need this as a part of their collection.


There will only be 40 made for 2018. We are calling it the H1 model and you get to pick what ever stamps you want on it we make. After the 40 are gone that's it for this year.


Here is a quick pic of the model. It will be offered in 42 and 43 inch sizes and will be available in poly pro with what ever stringer and stamp set up you want.

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