Profile / History

Cartel (Reg. TM) Board Company

26 years certified! Cartel ® was established in 1996. Our main goal then and even up to today was to provide high quality surf products with unsurpassable customer service. We also were the 1st company to coin the Phrase "Board Company" to represent our ability to be the best "Jack of all trades" in ASR. Not only do we make some of the best bodyboards on the planet but we have also expanded into leashes, wetsuits, surfboards and flowboards. We also dabble a bit with bikes, skateboards and apparel so all our land locked homies can represent too. For over 26 years now we have made it threw the highs and the lows of this thing called business. We have been ripped off and bitten by the smallest to the largest companies in the surf, skate and snow industry. But it is all good! We lead, they follow, so we must be doing something right around here. Cartel ® also provides art, web and design services to a verity of companies inside and out side the industry. Although we are discrete about our clients in these departments we are sure you can tell who we help out from time to time. Cartel ® has always supported a super cool team of world wide riders to represent our brand. We find most of our customers to be real riders that need real gear, unlike that Costco crap with a big name and a low price point. If you need a real board and you want it to have that special flare just hit us up and we will get you set up ASAP. Cartel ® ships world wide and there is no where you can't order from. So come and get it!

With out you there would be no us! Big thanks PC from Cartel ®