Here @ CARTEL ® we bring you fair trade factory to customer USA made products. All our bodyboards and leashes are USA made by real people and are backed up 100% by us. Yes it comes at a price.. All our shirts and hats are silk screened by my best bro from JR. High and we had to back up each other up from time so if you get a T-shirt or hat from us you are a part of history. @ CARTEL ® we just can't sleep at night like the others who just sling slave labor crap. Yes sometimes we can't GET right back to you but if something is wrong we will refund YOU or just give the product FOR free. But if you order from us we get you in the Q as soon as the order hits us. Sometimes we can get your order out in about a week or if you ask for a bunch of custom stuff we can do it but come on we are a handmade and hand shaped crafted company, we are not Amazon Prime so don't ask us every day "where is my order?". We are on it but we get up at 6 AM and your on the list as soon as your order comes in but come on!  Ferrari "TM" Cars go on order for the best drivers not commuters. Some people catch surf and some DOMINATE THE OCEAN. At CARTEL we sell rides that dominate the surf. Text 760-809-7431 OR EMAIL ME DIRECT AT CARTELBOARDCO@HOTMAIL.COM.. I will try to make sure you get your order or refund to you ASAP if anything is not right. Our boards are for real riders. No disrespect but after covid we are trying to take care of real riders as best we can. Thank you, Paul from CARTEL ®