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Ya once again we go where no company will go. We straight up went PP Core board with stringers new school style. Crazy as we are we went OG and did a PE bottom with deck and bottom channels. YES A PE BOTTOM! This is a all new series called the SOFT TEC OG SERIES BY CARTEL. Super responsive with a bit of the old and new all wrapped up in one! Taste a bit of the past while blending in the one of a kind new school hybrid series by Cartel. You will not find this combo of PE deck and bottom in a high performance board any where in the world by any company but CARTEL, GET YOURS TODAY!

Cold water go 1 stringer, Mid cool water go 2 stringers and warm go 3 stingers. A must have for your quiver. You might have the biggest collection boards but you don't have this one yet!


Great for DK and prone so some and get it.

grodzen dk mix it up from zenfilmz by Joe Grodzen on Vimeo.

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