Roach Retro Model

Regular price $200.00

Well folks the demand for Mr. Roach's Retro release has arrived. Yes this is the original shape he designed from over 20 years ago. For all you OGs out there now you can grab a hold of that old magic at a great price while supporting hand down the coolest rider and company on the planet. All Roach Retro boards are USA made by hand and are a fair trade product you can be proud to paddle into the line up 

42.5" stats 12"x21.75"@18"x18.25"

We will be offering the Retro in its original 42.5" template as well as adding a 41.5" and 43.5" to the line up also.

Grab a hold of a piece of Bodyboarding history today!


ROACH2013 from cartel usa on Vimeo.

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